From Acer to Zelkova - at Condurso's Garden Center you will find the trees and shrubs you're looking for.  Many varieties in many different sizes.

You'll also find one of the largest selections of perennials in northern New Jersey; from 4" pots to 3 gallon containers - varieties too numerous to mention - all the old favorites and many exciting new additions to the perennial garden.

Visit us in the spring and we'll have all the annuals you need to brighten up your yard - in flats and in pots.

Click here for a list of plants which are considered to be DEER-RESISTANT in the northern New Jersey area.


A New App for Gardeners

Dr. Allan Armitage’s app, "Armitage’s Greatest Perennials & Annuals", is a tool we at Condurso’s have wanted to provide for a long time. We strongly recommend it for all our customers, because it provides easy-to read information on many of the plants available in our yard.

The app is written with the home gardener in mind. Dr. Armitage suggests the best variety for hundreds of plants, and backs up his recommendations with years of personal experience, entertaining videos, and stunning photos.

A "deer browsing" rating is provided for almost every species as well - a tool that,in and of itself, is of immense value in this area of the country.

Armitage’s Greatest Perennials & Annuals is essentially a small reference book in your back pocket. It’s updated regularly, and best of all, costs only $4.99. A spectacular value!